An easy way to manage your agile projects backlogs

What is backlogman

Backlogman is targeted to help managing your agile backlogs.

As a PRODUCT OWNER, it will simplify your backlogs management by having an easy way to order user stories

As a TEAM MEMBER, it will enhance user stories visibility and help understanding priorities in a project.

Agility in mind

Backlogman is not another tool to track time and team productivity, it simply focus on managing your backlogs and add capability to export and print those backlogs in various ways.

Backlogman was developed with agility in mind. Its main target is software development but it may be used in other domain, feel free to experiment...

If you are new in agile methodologies, let's start by reading the agile manifesto. then,

lets the journey, begin...

Main features

Create interactive, real-time updated boards to manage story maps, sprint planning, and more...

Manage your backlogs on your web browser, smarphones and tablets, using simple drag&drop

Follow your project's progress using visual statistics graphs and pie charts

Search, filter, print and export to MS Excel™ your stories and boards in every way you want

Publish customizable dashboard to advertise project progress to external participants

Integrate backlogman with your preferred services using its RESTfull api